The Human Element

What can Jonas do that my photographer can't?

As a photographer, it is difficult to make the weddings guests be themselves whenever I take their photos with my camera.  I can hide behind the camera all day, but as long as there is a human being behind the camera and they are aware of it, people hesitate to be goofy and just looks at the camera and smiles.

Jonas takes that Human Element away.  When guests position themselves in front of Jonas, they tend to be their wacky selves and in turn, they get great photos.

Fun, wacky photos that you can never get with an actual human photographer with a heartbeat.

As human beings, we don't like to be judged.  And I think that's one of the reasons why the human element plays a big part on how we behave in front of a camera.  We only tend to be wacky if and when the photographer is someone we know and trust.  

Jonas does not judge.  You can be as wacky as you want, with or without alcohol, and you'll get awesome photos that show how fun the event was.  

Invite Jonas to your next event and see for yourself.  Your guests will love you - Gua-ran-teeeeed!!!

Themed Props!

What is up?  Wow it's been a while since we blogged.  Jonas has been busy being awesome in the last few months and we finally got some breathing room today to say HI to the fans...

Oh and if you haven't heard, we're now doing themed props.  What is that, you say?

So apart from the most common props that we bring to events - the glasses, wacky hats, facial hairs, etc - we now do Themed Props.  We have acquired a bunch of Nintendo, Star Trek, Star Wars, Avengers, Pirates of the Carribean props.  

What does it mean?  Funner Photos!  It's so funner it's not even funny.

We'll upload more photos soon!  I can't wait to take these new toys to the next event! 

The Most Logical Event, Ever.

Nutanix, the industry leader in virtual computing platform commissions Jonas for their booth at this year's Citrix Synergy.  We were exited to hear that they wanted to have a Star Trek themed event so we immediately collaborated on the backdrop and props for the event.

What do attendees in a technology conference have in common?  They are all trekkies at heart!

Even the characters from other vendor booths stopped by to hang with Jonas!


Premier Bridal Show - Anaheim

The entire Jonas team had a blast on our first Bridal Show at the DoubleTree Hotel in Anaheim.  It was great to meet newly engaged couples as they plan on their big day.

Jonas was most particularly happy with the feedback that he received with those who has seen him.  Most of the feedbacks are "He's truly unique!"; "Looks Great!"; "Very Clean"; "You guys are the best in this show!" and many more.  Thanks Guys!  Jonas would blush if only he isn't made out of metal.

Here are some of the shots of people testing Jonas out!  If you want to see the whole set, please visit:



Daniel & Catherine's Wedding Reception at the Hilton Universal City

After their beach wedding in Curacao, Daniel & Catherine is back for another shindig in the mainland.

Another reception was held at the Universal City Hilton.  Tons of friends and family showed up and as always, they all had a great time with Jonas.  What I like about doing these events is that the kids, who normally are bored our of their skulls mid-reception, actually had a blast.  

Since Daniel & Cat LOVE to travel.  They asked me to make the template a travel theme.  And nothing says travel like passport stamps!!!

And having an open bar makes for some crazy shots.  I doubt some people remembered any of this happening.

Here are some of my favorite shots.